Bypass tweaks

Tweaks #

These tools attempt to circumvent detection methods.


Do not attempt to use multiple bypasses at once. It will result in conflicts and apps are very likely to crash if you do.

For further support in English, ask for help in the r/Jailbreak Discord server.

A-Bypass #

Available from MERONA Repo.

Tweak name in Choicy or libhooker-configurator: !ABypass2

  1. Launch Settings
  2. Scroll down and select A-Bypass
  3. Enable the tweak
  4. Press Check For Updates
  5. Scroll down and toggle the switch beside the app(s) to bypass.

Relating to the above note: A-Bypass will notfy you if you have another bypass enabled, or if A-Bypass cannot inject itself into the app you enabled and launched.


If the list of apps doesn’t display, respring. If not, reinstall RocketBootstrap and AppList.

Hestia #

Available from Havoc.

Tweak name in Choicy or libhooker-configurator should contain HEST.

  1. Launch Settings
  2. Scroll down and select Hestia
  3. Under Enabled Applications toggle the app(s) with jailbreak detection.


Some applications may require you to enable extra patches, please try them if the defaults do not work. Also note that Hestia can cause apps to crash. Try using Compatibility Mode or disable some patches if they do.

Liberty Lite (Beta) #


Liberty Lite (Beta) seems to be broken. After enabling it for most apps, it causes the app to crash.

Available from Ryley Angus’ repo

Tweak name in Choicy or libhooker-configurator: zzzzzLiberty

  1. Launch Settings
  2. Scroll down and select Liberty Lite (Beta)
  3. Toggle Enable Liberty
  4. Tap on Block Jailbreak Detection
  5. Enable the app(s) with jailbreak detecion.

iHide #

Available from Kc57’s Repo.

iHide is very similar to Liberty Lite, but it may have varying results depending on the app. The steps are essentially the same as Liberty’s.

Shadow #

Available from jjolano’s repo

Tweak name in Choicy or libhooker-configurator: 0Shadow

HideJB is a fork of jjolano’s Shadow, which is why it doesn’t have its own entry.

Preferences for Shadow are a somewhat more complex compared to other bypass tweaks. Some applications may require advanced configuration for them to function. The recommended settings are listed below.

  1. Launch Settings
  2. Scroll down and select Shadow
  3. Make sure Enable Shadow is toggled on.
  4. Make sure Bypass Detection Libraries is also enabled
  5. Set Application Settings to whitelist and Tap on Applications
  6. Enable the app with jailbreak detection.
  7. Toggle Automatically Generate and tap Generate File Map, then tap Continue.


If these settings do not bypass detection, try enabling Lockdown Mode for the app you’re attempting to bypass.

FlyJB & FlyJB X #

These bypasses were developed by XsF1re, but he has taken down his repo and they are no longer maintained. We recommend you use A-Bypass or another kernel level bypass.