Kernel-level bypasses

Kernel-level Bypasses #


Kernel-level bypasses are experimental. Exercise caution.

For further support in English, ask for help in the r/Jailbreak Discord server.

KernBypass #


Do not use KernBypass on any iOS version above 14.2 or below 12.0. KernBypass will not work on iOS 14 using unc0ver. Use vnodebypass instead.

Available from ichitaso’s repo.

  1. Launch Settings
  2. Open the prefs for KernBypass
  3. Tap Enable KernBypass
  4. Enable all the apps you want to block jailbreak detection for.

vnodebypass #


vnodebypass will disable tweaks globally as well as hide many crucial jailbreak-related files. Make sure to disable vnodebypass once you’re finished using the app you’re attempting to bypass.

Available from ichitaso’s repo.

Users on unc0ver (iOS 14.0-14.5.1) must also install Siguza’s libkrw from Elucubratus or else vnodebypass will fail to enable. If enabling still fails, reinstall libkrw. vnodebypass is not an option if you’re using unc0ver on 14.6+.

  1. After installation, an app will appear on your homescreen named vnodebypass.
  2. Launch it and press the Enable button.
  3. When you’re done using the app with jailbreak detection, launch the app again and tap Disable.

Unable to disable vnodebypass? #

First step: don’t panic!

A reboot will revert changes made by vnodebypass, but you can run vnodebypass -r in a shell to revert as well.