Introduction #


We do not recommend using sensitive apps (banking, etc.) on a jailbroken device. Use a separate, secure device for these apps.

Many apps, which rely on security, will have algorithms to detect and block jailbroken users from using the app. This includes banking apps, some online videogames (e.g. Pokemon Go, Mario Kart Tour) and other privacy focused apps such as Snapchat.

This section concerns with tools that can be used to combat jailbreak detection. These tools aren’t perfect, however, and not a single one can patch out jailbreak detection in all apps. Other apps requires more detailed configuration than what is recommended. A few of them will require bypasses made specifically for them.

Types of bypasses: #

  • Tweaks: These tools attempt to circumvent detection methods.
  • Non-bypasses: These tools are used for disabling and configuring tweak injection into processes or apps.
  • Kernel-level bypasses: Kernel-level bypasses are experimental tools that disables tweaks globally as well as hide crucial jailbreak files. Exercise extreme caution when using these.